NVSTly - Social Investing

A free social trading platform where investors track, share, & copy trades.

Track & share trades with in-depth performance stats, follow others to receive instant notifications of their trades, rank among others on community & global leaderboards, copy trade any analysist or top trader, & so much more! Top ranked traders have an opportunity to be tipped for their winning trades.

The #1 tool for traders on social media. Auto post your trades to social media such as Twitter, Discord, & Stocktwits with an optional delay, include your stats such as win rate & average return.

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Core Features

  • Track trades by manually submitting them using the New Trade interface or by using our Discord bot to log all your trades called out and alerted to your viewers.

  • Share trades with followers or to other Discord servers with the use of webhooks and fully customizable messages & embeds.

  • Viewers, followers, and copy traders have an in-depth perspective on positions from traders with real-time ticker statistical data, specified price targets, take profits, & stop losses. Along with trader submitted notes and media uploads relating to their positions. Including our unique one-of-a-kind "POV Charts" showing the trader's point of view of a chart at the time of submitting or updating positions- which until now has never been done before in our industry.

  • Trader dashboards give an inside look on any investors performance with in-depth trading stats such as win rate, average return, total gains, and much more with filtered time periods. As well listing all their active and historical trades.

  • Discord servers and users can take advantage of almost all these core features with the use of our #1 ranked financial & verified Discord bot, home to thousands of trading communities. There is simply no other like it or comparable.

What's to come

Core Features to Come

  • Brokerage integration to automate the tracking, sharing, & copying of trades. Providing verified & 100% accurate trade data, trader stats, and leader board rankings.

  • Auto share trades to Twitter and/or Stocktwits immediately after being submitted.

  • 1-click copy trading via brokerage integration.

  • Ability to post analysis, trade ideas, news, or other market and trading related content.

  • A complete Market Data Suite for all stocks, futures, forex, & cryptocurrency markets. With advanced analytical tools and alerting features.

Additional Features & Implementations

  • Multi-leg options support.

  • Futures market support.

  • Forex market support improved.

  • A complete beginner to advanced interactive educational course & content.

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