Broker Integration

Connect or link a brokerage account to automate the submitting of trades to track & share positions instantaneously as they are executed within the broker.

Brokerage integration provides faster trade submissions through automation. When a broker is connected or linked to NVSTly, all executed trades are automatically submitted to the app. This provides hands-free trade submissions in real-time, as well automating a trader's signals or Trade Sharing.

Linking or connecting a broker only shares trades with the app, it cannot create or execute orders.

Supported Brokers

Supported Brokers to Come

  • Moomoo

  • Schwab (TD Ameritrade)

  • IBKR

  • TradeStation

  • Robinhood

  • Fidelity

  • Tastytrade

  • Firstrade

  • Tradier

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