Exclusive & Private Ticker Bots

Get guaranteed 99% online uptime and 100% price updates no later than 10 seconds with exclusive bots that are limited to subscribed servers, or entirely own a fully customized bot with your branding.

Guaranteed 99% online uptime with 100% price updates no later than 10 (7-8) seconds or your money back guaranteed.

Exclusive Bots

Exclusive bots are available to limited servers and are guaranteed with a 99% online uptime, and updates their prices no later than 10 seconds. Once an exclusive bot reaches a server count limit slows down price updates to more than 10 seconds, we create an additional exclusive bot for that ticker(s) so our guaranteed 100% price updates in 10 seconds or less is always met. Exclusive bots are also great for tickers that we don't have any free public bots for, there is no limit on how many tickers bots can be created for. The bot's profile aesthetics look is identical to the public bots, using the same nickname (<TICKER> âŦˆ/âŦŠ <price>) & custom status formats, same avatar & profile banner, and it's bio.

Private Bots

Private bots are limited to only the servers they are customized for. Servers can either create their own bot or we can create it for them with the provided personalized avatar, bio banner, and bio description, as well as any customized nickname & custom status formats. They are personalized and tailored to only that server, it can use their own branding.


Exclusive Bots: - 1 bot: $1 per month or $10 per year - 5 or more bots: $0.50 per bot per month or $5/bot per year

Private Bots: - 1 bot: $2 per month or $20 per year - 5 or mote bots: $1 per bot per month or $10/bot per year

Payment Methods: We can accept any of the following payment methods: - Stripe (Credit card, ACH) - PayPal - CashApp - Any cryptocurrency of your choice listed on the Coinbase exchange

How To Order & Setup Private Bots

To order an exclusive or private bot(s) simply send us an email or contact support in our Discord server. Just let us know which ticker(s) you would like, we support every financial market, stock exchange, and 25+ major crypto exchanges and any ticker our platform doesn't support we can use a 3rd party source. For those interested in private customized/personalized bots, please provide the following materials. If you have your own bot already setup, have your bot token ready to provide when requested. - Bot Username - Avatar Image - Profile Banner Image - Bio Description Content - (Optional) Nickname Format - (Optional) Status Format

Free Public Bots & Limitations

We have roughly 100 public free ticker bots, with some in over 2,500 servers. They require a lot of RAM resources and gradually need increasingly more as they are added to additional servers. This requires us to make accommodations for them by either moving them to new server hosts or increasing the RAM on their existing host. Discord's API rate limitations causes bots in more servers to update their price less frequently. Due to how we display prices in their nicknames, the way Discord and it's API works they have to update their nickname in each individual server. So bots that are in hundreds or thousands of servers need more time to update their nicknames with the price so they don't reach the API rate limits which would put them all on a temporary time out.

Exclusive & Private Bots with 99% Online Uptime

With exclusive bots, they're only in the servers that have paid for them- and once they are in too many servers where they can't update in 10 seconds or less we'll create an additional bot for that ticker(s). These bots have top resource priority, and we are obligated to keep them operating even if public bots go offline temporarily, as we guarantee 99% online uptime with 100% price updates during their uptime.

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