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Our team can be reached through any of these emails: Support: General: Billing:


Because this app was started with just a Discord bot, we are still (and always will be) heavily rooted in our Discord server community.

Discord Invite: Secondary invite:

To contact support through Discord use the #❓┃help channel or send a direct message to the Support bot.

ATTENTION: Our staff and team will NEVER send you a friend request or DM you first! We will never ask for personal, financial, or sensitive information. If anyone does so, or claims to be affiliated with us, please report them to our staff. Beware of impersonators and scammers- we have methods in place to catch them, but we can't remove them all until sadly it's too late. We encourage all of our users on Discord to disable their direct messages on our server so no one can message you, there is no reason why a discussion, guidance, advice, or support can't be given within the server channels. Please refer to our scam prevention guidelines we have posted on our blog or inside the FAQs, Rules, Roles, & Scam Prevention thread channel within the πŸš¦β”ƒstart-here forum channel on our Discord located at the top of the channel list.

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