Trim/Partial Close

Partially closing or trimming positions allows for locking in gains for stats while still keeping the position open for potentially more future gains

TRIM - SCAL - PART - Leaving Some are all keywords to trigger a trim/partial close & can be used anywhere within the notes. (trimming, scale, scaling, partial, partially)

I.e. STC AAPL @ 150 partial BTC SPY 4/01 460p @ 2.40 trim

To trim or partially close trades and keep them open, use the trim/partial keywords at the end of the trade or anywhere within the notes, such as trim trimming scale scaling partial partially.

When options trades expire that have been trimmed or partially closed, the position will be closed at the last trimmed/partial price.

When closing trades with trim/partial exit, the final gain percentage is generated by calculating the trim(s) and exit returns which is used for final gain/loss that is factored into stats.

Trades that have been trimmed/partially closed will calculate the final gain percentage differently. The returns of each trim/partial and the closing return will be calculated into an average gain/return which is used toward stats. However, the bot will reply with an Entry to Exit gain/loss percentage for trades that have been trimmed/partially closed, but this value does not factor into stats and is only for cosmetic purposes.

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