Referral System & Payouts

Earn cash rewards any time one of your invitees subscribes to PRO and for each of their billing periods the duration of their membership.

Please read the terms of service relating to referrals and payouts.


Any time a user signs up using your referral link, and at any time subscribes to PRO/PRO+ the referring user will earn a percentage of the invitees membership payment, and not just once but for every billing period. Even if a referred user already has an account, they can input a referral code through their Membership Settings, so long they are not already a subscribed PRO Member. Even when a user uses a referral link but doesn't signup immediately or does so at a later date, the referral code will be cached in their browser so that the referral will still be credite. Referral rewards: - 10% earned for free users - 15% earned for PRO members - 20% earned for PRO+ members After an invitee subscribes to PRO or pays any future billing period, the reward percentage will be credited instantly to the referrers account and will be pending for 60 days. After the pending period this amount will be marked in the available balance and is eligible towards payouts.

Did you know? Even if you referred a user who is already signed up, they can input your referral code in their Membership Settings.


A minimum available reward balance of $5 is required to request a payout, that is not in a pending period. Payment methods include CashApp, PayPal, or any cryptocurrency listed on the Coinbase exchange. All payouts are in USD currency, PayPal may convert USD to your native currency. Cryptocurrency will use the current market value at the time of fulfilling payout. To request a payout, hit the Request Payout button and follow the prompted directions. Currently, it will initiate an email draft with prefilled data and a section for you to provide the payment method info. Payouts may take up to 30 days to be fulfilled as we handle all payouts the first week of each month.


Any and all payment fees will be deducted from the payout amount. There are zero fees when payouts are fulfilled via CashApp. Because we use Coinbase as our main exchange to handle crypto, and the limited network options offered, we strongly suggest requesting payouts using tokens with a low gas fee. They support multiple networks for USDC, and XRP uses the native network which has significantly low gas fees typically below $0.01.

Get Started

Getting started is easy. Simply hit the Create Referral Code button found in Account Settings to generate a code, link, and QR image. This link can be shared anywhere. To be credited for a user you invited to the platform that already has an account, they can input your referral code in their Membership Settings. They must not already be a PRO member, but if they do become a PRO member after inputting referral code, you will earn from their billings.

Tracking Referrals, Subscribers, & Reward Balance or History

Account settings will display an invite tracker, subscription tracker, pending balance, and available balance. For every user signing up using your referral link they will be counted as 1 signup. For every invite that has subscribed to PRO will be counted as 1 subscriber. To view a history of incoming rewards, hit the See more link below the counters. This will show all credited rewards with the date of issue, value, and days left in the pending period.


For a complete and detailed description of terms relating to referrals and payouts, please refer to section 7 in our terms of service. Existing PRO Members who haven't linked a referral code to their accounts cannot input a referral code in their Membership Settings. To credit rewards to a referrer, an invitee must sign up using a referral link or enter a referral code in their Membership Settings before becoming a PRO Member. If at any time during the 60 day pending phase an invitee disputes a charge related to their billing period, the reward amount will be removed from the balance permanently and won't be credited back even if the dispute results in our favor. This 60 day pending/holding period is to prevent paying out rewards in the case that a user disputes the membership fee charge. Reward credits relating to a dispute are removed due to our payment processor (Stripe) charging a fee regardless the resolution results. Anyone abusing, manipulating, or "gaming" the referral system will have their rewards removed and may be banned from the platform. If a user who never invited you offers you something or requests you to input their referral code, we consider them acting in bad faith and would appreciate you reporting them.

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